Friday, January 2, 2015

Del Rey's variety of expression

  Lana Del Rey has released her new album Ultraviolence half a year ago, yet I learnt about that few days ago. It might sound too late for me to notice her latest album, but it has never been late to comment it. I have known Del Rey's music since I was high school student. Most of my old schoolmates like her, especially her music videos. I remember once we discussed them, when we were having visual art lessons. We consider these videos as beautifully made art pieces. Although I have been rock n' roll fan, I like her music because of the interesting and relatively ancient style.

Nowadays, a year after the high school, my favorite genre has changed. I find out that the gothic, and power metal expresses different kinds of expressions (mostly negative) such as love, sad, anxiety, and pain. Some bands would talk about drug addiction, death, war, and domestic abuse. Some would tell a story in their albums. I can imagine many unusual moods and expressions in the metal. I have a space to feel and imagine the story, rather than just entertaining.

Del Rey's album definitely gives enough space to me for the imagination of the story. Similar to the first album: when I was listening to the album, I thought I was watching the movies in the 1960s-70s. But this album is about a sad romantic story of a woman (in one person perspective) who faces domestic violence, but deeply falls in love with her boyfriend. The album uses the fabulous, ancient and psychedelic pop music as the background to accompany with Del Rey's singing to illustrate the girl's story. This combination indicates the girl's speechless loss to her boyfriend's attitude. Despite her boyfriend has done many things to hurt her, she doesn't mind and still love him.

Rate: 87.5/100
Performance: 8/10
Lyrics: 9/10
Originality: 10/10
Production: 8/10

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